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Kentaro Ishii

Lecturer, School of Network and Information, Senshu University


Ishii Lab., Senshu University

Hiraki Lab., The University of Tokyo
Sakamura-Koshizuka Lab., The University of Tokyo
HCI Lab., National University of Singapore
JST, ERATO, IGARASHI Design Interface Project
Anzai-Imai Lab., Keio University


Research Projects

Delivering Electricity to Home Appliances by Mobile Robots PROT AVATAR
Avatar Projection System
Collaborative Task Casting
A Task Selection Technique for Autonomous Robot
Simultaneous Labeling and Mapping
Look at, Blink, and Move
Object Drag & Drop
Drag-and-Drop Interface for Registration-Free Object Delivery
Laser Gestures
Robot Control Interface using Stroke Gestures of Laser Pointer
Magic Cards
A Paper Tag Interface for Implicit Robot Control
A Speaking Technique for Self-Driven Interactive Robot CORON
Agent Projection System
Location Guidance using Ultrasonic Speaker
Environmental Sensor Bridge System