Welcome to Hiraki Lab.

Hiraki Lab is studying about human cognitive activities and engineering / social deployment. Specifically

  • Elucidation of infants’ developmental mechanism
  • Brain function about time recognition and space perception
  • The effect of artifacts(robots) on human beings
  • The construction of adaptive human interface

These projects don’t fall in pieces, but organically connected. Especially, All projects have common slogans like below:

  • Experimental study forcusing on human beings(especially infants)
  • Construction of the computational model
  • Feedback to the real world

Lab Head: Kazuo Hiraki, Ph.D.

Professor at
Department of General Systems Studies in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and
the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies,
The University of Tokyo.

Contact to Hiraki Lab: hlab(at)ardbeg.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp